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a strong durable closely woven fabric used for shoe uppers, etc.



(Russian lastink), a satin-weave cotton cloth that resembles satin in appearance but differs in that the smooth finish of the outer surface is formed by the warp and not by the weft.

Lasting is a light, silky, lustrous cloth. During final processing, it is mercerized and finished with softeners. It is manufactured in solid colors and, less often, in prints. It is used for linings, shirts, and dresses.

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Kalfin made clear that the Labor Ministry planned to reduce the number of lastingly unemployed through the measures under the National Action Plan for Employment financed with BGN 73 M from the state budget and the new operational program Human Resources Development to be launched Thursday.
For once at least now, will the compulsive cheerleaders old their horses, and let harmony and accord mark the inter-institutional relationships lastingly? The bonhomie put on display by both the prime minister and the army top command at the Kakul military academy passing-out parade was just unmistakable and so enthralling and enthusing it also was.
"The time of Christians' defeats in terms of the republic presidency has gone lastingly," he corroborated.
Omegalight is a comprehensive, non-aggressive new solution to lastingly brighten the complexion and lighten pigment spots after just 28 days, both on the surface and at the deepest levels, while also preventing the appearance of spots thanks to its lipophilic and anti-inflammatory properties and its ability to regulate melanogenesis from the nucleus through to melanin production.
The Fed's return to positive real interest rates had a decisive impact on lastingly changing U.S.
Only with real reform in Iran, real pluralism, and a government genuinely more committed to solving domestic problems than causing international ones, can the situation truly be altered and tensions truly and lastingly begin to abate.
Nonetheless, the transition to an investment narrative driven more by growth than liquidity may be bumpy for a while, and the relative performance of regions and sectors may shift subtly, and more lastingly.
My research team recently discovered that when we randomly assign one group of people to learn new ways to create more micro-moments of love in daily life, we lastingly improve the functioning of the vagus nerve, a key conduit that connects your brain to your heart.
Spinal cord injury is one of the most devastating incidents that can occur to an individual as it results in life being suddenly and long lastingly changed.
These narratives banish the lingering suspicion that all Scots were Jacobites and savages inassimilable by Britain, but only at the cost of aligning "self-control with commerce, modernity, and England, and sensibility with feudalism, the pastoral, and Scotland," a division that reveals a Britain lastingly "divided and divisive" (56).
It might also make a weakening of the yen to 100 against the dollar more palatable to Washington, if successful negotiations lastingly opened up Japanese markets to more US products.
And then there are certain places, certain weathered old restaurants that, like mountains or canyons, hold some essence of who we are, and we are lastingly grateful.