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1. A support which reduces the sag in a long line used in laying brick.
2. A flexible metal clip used to hold a sheet of glass, metal, etc.
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From 1570 shoes develop latchet ties which tie over the tongued front.
Latchet, Jean-Claude, Maxime le Confesseur, mddiateur entre l'Orient et l'Occident.
"I thought the Ahwatukee Towne Center was going to be the last power center to be built in Phoenix," says David Larcher, a vice president with Vestar, but then came Deer Valley - which Latchet now believes will be one of the last power center developments for now.
Latchet 8.05 Curragh 1pt each-way Jim Bolger has wisely decided to step Latchet up a furlong for the mile handicap after she flew home to take fifth in a 23-runner event at the track over 7f earlier this month.