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One of the main disadvantages of using LCs for thermal stabilization is relatively high cost, corresponding to the relatively small amount of latent heat. Nevertheless, LCs have potential for future applications as PCMs, especially in the space industry.
Uzun, "Poly (ethylene glycol)/acrylic polymer blends for latent heat thermal energy storage," AIChE Journal, vol.
Therefore, the failing of representation of the vegetation distribution in South China and negative model bias for precipitation led to the negative bias for simulations of evapotranspiration and surface evaporation, which is possibly the reason for the large bias for simulation of latent heat flux in South China during summer.
Caption: FIGURE 8: The latent heat flux estimated based on FV technique, L[E.sub.FV], versus the one estimated by forcing the energy balance closure, L[E.sub.EB].
We hypothesize this may exhibit a delayed energy conversion from latent heat to mechanical energy, however the energetic dynamics warrant further study especially with respect to OAI behavior.
The use of a latent heat Eutectic aluminum silicon alloy, AlSi12, is a striking phase change material because of its temperate melting temperature, high thermal conductivity, and high heat of fusion.
Alcohols are added to replicate the latent heat of vaporization of the E10 Gasoline.
The liquid section condenser releases the latent heat toward the ambient or a heat exchanger.
This type of UFHS does not require an additional supply of heat energy but uses stored latent heat to maintain a constant temperature [21-41].
Latent heat energy storage system using Phase Change Material (PCM) is of interest to researchers because of its many advantages, its high storage capacity being among them.