lateral buckling

lateral buckling, lateral-torsional buckling

The buckling of a structural member which involves lateral deflection and twist.
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Loading capacities curves for I-section runway beams according to bottom flange bending and lateral buckling, Machine Design, 181-186 p.
Lateral buckling resistance of inelastic I-beams under off-shear center loading, Thin-Walled Structures 49: 431-436.
Lee and Bang developed an approach for estimation of lateral buckling of a wind turbine tower with a thin circular wall through finite element (FE) analysis to ensure structure safety [8].
The following ultimate limit states were checked: tension force, compression force, bending moment, shear force, compound bending, interaction between internal forces, and resistance to lateral buckling.
In addition some of the deepwater oil pipelines are on very soft sea bed and are susceptible to axial and lateral movement (or walking) of pipelines due to cyclic thermal changes and lateral buckling due to thermal expansion under operating conditions.
Interconnections provided at regular intervals were used to prevent lateral buckling.
These proceedings of the May 2007 conference include papers on algorithmic and topology optimization (including global versus local statement of stress constraints in topology optimization of continuum structures), shape optimization (including optimization of geometry for the lateral buckling process of a cantilever beam), and applications in construction engineering, mechanical and aircraft engineering and process optimization.
Two sets of lateral supporting wood frames were installed near both ends of wall specimens to prevent lateral buckling deformation.
The current load resistance factor design (LRFD) equations for I-joist lateral buckling assume that the compression flange acts as a column restrained in the direction of the web.
The arches were horizontally supported to prevent lateral buckling.

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