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At, pertaining to, or in the direction of the side; on either side of the medial vertical plane.
In a gas distribution or transmission system, a pipe branching away from the central, primary part of the system.
(mining engineering)
In horizon mining, a hard heading branching off a horizon along the strike of the seams.
A horizontal mine working.
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lateral sewer

A sewer which discharges into a branch or other sewer and has no other common sewer tributary to it.
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After this reading, patients were asked to lie on a bed and then turn to a lateral decubitus position with their heads placed on a soft pillow.
An important aspect in the physical exam is that when the patient lies in the lateral decubitus position on the side contralateral to the injury, there is a concave defect noted at the hernia site, often with paradoxical motion [12].
For liquid replacement 500 cc 0.9% NaCl was used and after this step, the patient was placed in lateral decubitus position and CSEA technique used between L3-4 space.
Hamman's sign, or mediastinal crepitation, is accentuated during expiration, especially with the patient in the left lateral decubitus position.
The patient was placed in the right lateral decubitus position with the injured side abducted.
Under general anesthesia, patient was flexed in a standard 90[degrees] lateral decubitus position with the left side elevated and taped in this position.
Chest x-ray PA view, chest x-ray opposite lateral decubitus view, computerised tomography.
Conclusion: Our study supports the notion that access to the skin-dura mater distance is longer in the lateral decubitus position when skin-dura mater distance is evaluated by measuring needle depth.
Keywords: Spinal anaesthesia, Lateral decubitus position, Induction position, Isobaric bupivacaine.
(2,5) It has been shown that the left lateral decubitus position in venous/right ventricular air embolism redistributes the air above the right ventricular outflow tract, relieving air lock and improving survival.7 In our patient we found that right lateral positioning in left ventricular/arterial air embolism is effective in the same way.
The tumour was removed using a 3-trocar, transperitoneal laparoscopic approach with the patient in the left lateral decubitus position.

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