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What does it mean when you dream about laughing?

Laughing in a dream often has the same meaning as it does in ordinary life: namely, taking something lightly or putting others at ease. Alternatively, a dream laugh can be alluding to one of many idioms, from “have the last laugh” to “laughing all the way to the bank.”

References in classic literature ?
Oh," she told him, laughingly, after pressing a long, tender kiss upon his lips, "I have overcome everything
I imagine it would be very difficult to carry a piano over those mountains," said Christie laughingly, to avoid the collateral of the banjo.
Not a sad while, father--I mean to be merry," said Mary, laughingly.
Having assured myself of this and being certain that she was quite as whole-hearted, I ventured one evening (I remember it was on the 3d of July) as we sat on deck to ask her, laughingly, if she could assist me to resolve my psychological doubt.
The little girl, her father's favorite, ran up boldly, embraced him, and hung laughingly on his neck, enjoying as she always did the smell of scent that came from his whiskers.
Heussaff laughingly answered that the fan might not have a say in the matter.
Called "mad as a goat" by Uruguay's Jose Mujica this week, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro retorted laughingly on Thursday that the former president was right - but he was only crazy with love for his country.
I refer to what is laughingly called a bus service.
Davila asked; Moreno laughingly said: "kailangan bukas ang ilaw".
He laughingly called his obsession both a blessing and a curse: ''My salary, my bonuses .
EARLSDON was once laughingly described as Coventry's Chelsea by an over-zealous estate agent.
But Paolo, 27, laughingly insisted he liked being the rocker with the holes.