Launch Pad

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launch pad

[′lȯnch ‚pad]
(aerospace engineering)
The load-bearing base or platform from which a rocket vehicle is launched. Also known as launching pad; pad.
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Launch Pad


the site where rockets are launched; the launcher and launch system on which it is mounted; part of the launch complex of a cosmodrome. In some cases, rockets are assembled vertically on the launch pad from individual stages that have been tested and prepared for assembly at an installation and testing site. Payloads may also be installed on the launch pad.

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The assessment reports available from Indian army field units which included radio conversations between various Pakistani formations showed maximum damage was inflicted on LeT, a banned terror group, at Dudniyal launch pad in Pakistanoccupied Kashmir ( PoK) , opposite to Kupwara sector of North Kashmir, sources said.
Robert Munks, deputy editor of the British-based Jane's Intelligence Review, said, "Our assessment suggests that this base is either partly or fully operational, with the launch pads pointing in the directions of Israel and Iran....
Bob Lancaster, the president of Texas Space Alliance, said he attended a May 15 meeting that the FAA held in Brownsville and saw a "great deal of public support from local residents" for a launch pad beside the state park.
For a growing number of people that journey began with Launch Pad."
The Chamber is not only investing money in the scheme, but is also offering incentives to new businesses triggered by the Bond's innovative Launch Pad scheme.
With the newly cast track shoes, NASA initiated a trial run of the crawler transporters carrying a mobile launch platform to one of the launch pads in January.
The government laid out roads, a launch pad, control room and barracks, shooting for the stars from a tiny 17th-century town.
It does not appear that a commercial satellite will blast off from an American rocket launch pad in northwestern Guyana anytime soon following mounting opposition from environmentalists, reports IPS (October 29, 1999):
An alternative would be for the government to invest capital funds to build or refurbish launch pads and then lease them back to commercial companies.
If names can bring good luck, perhaps the project has associated itself with a fortuitous one: A few hundred feet away from the actual San Marco launch pad, named for the patron saint of navigators, is a smaller platform housing the facility's control center, which has never lost a Scout rocket (8 for 8).
Less than two weeks after 40 CRPF personnel were killed in an attack carried out by Pakistan-based Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) in Pulwama, the Indian Air Force (IAF) carried out air strikes targetting terror launch pads in Pakistan's Balakot.
SpaceX has two other launch pads, one in Florida and the other in California, and said it is "confident the two launch pads can support our return to flight and fulfil our upcoming manifest needs."