laundry chute

laundry chute, clothes chute

A shaft for conveying soiled clothing, bed linen, etc., by gravity from an upper to a lower floor of a building.
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Jake made sure we had a laundry chute. Its a very 70s idea but superfunctional in a house with many levels.
Almost as bad was when, upon leaving the bathroom, you might hear the gentle flap of the laundry chute cover, meaning the Sump Pump Monster had crept up the chute and was about to reach its terrible webbed claws through the door and ...
A personal player file drops through a hole in the floor at Lennoxtown, slides down a laundry chute for nearly 400 miles and drops out on to Koeman's desk.
We look for ways to add modern conveniences, like storage and a laundry chute from upstairs to downstairs.
A second dual-aspect bedroom provides access to the family bathroom and features a laundry chute to the utility.
Plus, there is a family bathroom with his and hers sinks, a bath and a laundry chute down to the utility room.
They included a laundry chute being used as a fire escape, disconnected alarms hanging off walls, exit routes blocked by rubbish and metal bars covering bedroom windows.
(The largest assisted bubble was 23 inches.) Longest laundry chute: The Grand Hyatt Hotel in Shanghai, China, has a chute that runs from the 87th floor to the basement, a distance of 1,083 feet.
This home really has everything - there is even a laundry chute down to the cellar.
David Wilson Homes wanted to evaluate usage of rooms not normally found in a traditional newly built home: a family den, a laundry room linked to floors above by a laundry chute, and a boot room entrance for muddy dogs, children or gardeners.
Stop putting my socks down the laundry chute inside-out
A college freshman died when he jumped into what he believed was a laundry chute in the school library.