laundry tub

laundry tray, laundry tub, set tub

laundry tray
A deep wide sink or tub, usually of porcelain, slate, or soapstone; used for washing clothes, etc.
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Currently I am soaking them in the laundry tub with hot soapy water.
sought me out again, and as we fished damp shirts from the laundry tub,
Another week-day morning in a long-ago laundry tub?
In a basement with only a floor drain and a laundry tub, for example, you can stick a test plug in the tub drain and install a "backwater" valve ($8) in the floor drain (Photo 1).
I soaked the rawhide in a laundry tub for several hours.
<br />Custom features of the home also include a two-car garage with laundry tub, a whole house water purification system and a separate water softener, dual zoned air-conditioning and heat, custom wood shutters throughout the house, nine and ten-foot high ceilings, hurricane glass, travertine and marble floors, bleached wool carpeting, granite, hand troweled plaster walls, deluxe mouldings, fans, exquisite lighting and fixtures, and frameless shower doors.
He was convicted of second-degree murder in 2005, testifying that his wife's killing was an accident, that he'd pushed her during an argument and that she hit her head on a concrete laundry tub.
"Why did we bring the laundry tub? Are we going to be washing clothes?" asked Georgie.
Included is a roller cleaner that screws onto a standard laundry tub or garden hose.
Pink 26-litre laundry tub, pounds 7, House of Fraser (0870 160 7270)