lawn bowling

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lawn bowling:

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ancient sport (the bocce of Caesar's Rome is still played by Italians), especially popular in Great Britain and Australia, known as lawn bowls or bowling on the green in the United States.
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Lawn bowling is popular in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa, Hong Kong, parts of the United States and Japan, and is played at the Commonwealth Games.
Looking back, I feel the incident not only changed the course of my life, but also my outlook towards life took a total turn." Vermeulen candidly confessed that had it not been for his injury, he would have never even come closer to lawn bowling, a game in which he won a bronze medal at the 2006 Commonwealth Games.
Why would a beefy guy who plays the game of rugby and enjoys the physicality of the game want to get into a discipline like lawn bowling? Frankly, it wasn't an option even in my wildest dream," he said.
14, is inspired by the true story of Griff Sanders, the self-styled "John McEnroe of lawn bowling." A 25-year-old tearaway in a septuagenarian sport, Sanders so aggravated the bowling authorities in the sedate seaside town of Torquay that they slapped him with a 10-year nationwide ban for excessive swearing (it was subsequently overturned).
The Judge stated, "Given the apparent age of the tree and the fact that its limbs overhung both the road allowance and the Lawn Bowling Club, I believe a reasonable property owner would have inspected the tree to ascertain whether it needed attention.
YOUNG lawn bowling enthusiasts are sought to join a new club in Solihull.
Work is heading in the right direction and I assure you we will not miss the deadline." JNS will host the opening and closing ceremony of the CWG and will also have separate facilities for conducting weightlifting and lawn bowling competitions.
ST HELENS funny man Johnny Vegas co-stars in this very British comedy set in the world of lawn bowling. His role is that of the larger-than- life best mate of the flashy and arrogant newcomer to Torquay's bowling scene,Cliffe Starkey played by Dennis Penn is creator and 2000 Acres Of Skye star Paul Kaye.
Inspired by the story of Griff Sanders, the self-styled John McEnroe of lawn bowling, who received a nationwide ban from the game for excessive swearing, Smith has come up with this sparkling comedy about the bad boy of bowling.