lawn mower

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lawn mower

a hand-operated or power-operated machine with rotary blades for cutting grass on lawns
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Lawn Mower


a machine designed to mow lawns. There are manual mowers and mechanized mowers either of the reel type or with a rotating blade. The USSR produces mechanized mowers with a rotating blade because they are more productive and simpler in construction than the reel type and can cut down coarse grasses. A one-cylinder gasoline engine with 0.9 kV (1.25 hp) runs the mower. As the rotor turns, the hinged blades cut, fragment, and throw the grass through openings in the frame to the areas already mowed. A mower can mow 0.12 hectares per hour. One worker is needed to run a lawn mower.


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The motto of the United States Lawn Mower Racing Association is: "Where the Weekend Chore Becomes a Competitive Sport".
In 1936, American Lawn Mower purchased the Great States Corporation in Shelbyville, a competing lawn mower company that had gotten into trouble during the Depression.
Past attempts at making and selling an automated lawn mower have been unsuccessful.
A joy stick, such as those used with computer or video games, is used to guide the lawn mower around the outer perimeter of the grass to be cut, creating a border.
The Europe robotic lawn mower market by revenue is expected to reach over $1.5 billion by 2024, growing at a CAGR of approx.13% during the period 2018-2024.
Unlike traditional lawn mowers (and their operators), mowing a lawn in the hot sun is not an issue for robotic lawn mowers, and rainy days are taken care of as well.
Ms Davies, a selfemployed optician whose practice is in Caerphilly, claimed her husband, whom she is divorcing, had deliberately swung the lawn mower at her at waist height, which then caught her left hand.
Monetary gifts from Cindy Ward and other local Germantown Keller Williams real estate agents went towards the purchase of a new riding lawn mower for a fellow agent and her family.
To avoid having to use multiple mowers and to keep racers from running into each other, Bryant runs his lawn mower race on a time-trial basis.
to report that a 2-year-old child had been struck by a lawn mower.
He received permission from his parents to use his family's lawn mower, and paid for the gas with his allowance.