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(of flower clusters) having loosely arranged parts
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LAnguage eXample.

A toy language used to illustrate compiler design.

["Compiler Construction", W.M. Waite et al, Springer 1984].
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At that time the police control of the large polyglot population of Staten Island had become very lax, and scarcely a household but had its rifle or pistols and ammunition.
Her attitude had become very lax and despondent when the typewriter stopped in the next room.
Then the boy, Wroth with himself, poor wretch, incontinent Fell on his sword and drove it through his side Home, but yet breathing clasped in his lax arms The maid, her pallid cheek incarnadined With his expiring gasps.
If any one imagines that this law is lax, let him keep its commandment one day.
In disposition entirely unlike his brother Frederick, he was the spoilt darling of society, especially of the women--an easy, light-hearted, impulsive, affectionate man--generous to a fault-- constitutionally lax in his principles, and notoriously thoughtless of moral obligations where women were concerned.
Partly, Miss Ladbrook felt that her own skirt must be regarded as unduly lax by the Miss Gunns, and partly, that it was a pity the Miss Gunns did not show that judgment which she herself would show if she were in their place, by stopping a little on this side of the fashion.
Let us add that in these times of lax morality they had no more delicacy with respect to the mistresses; and that the latter almost always left them valuable and durable remembrances, as if they essayed to conquer the fragility of their sentiments by the solidity of their gifts.
In one message, Lax responded to a post from a well-known Twitter troll who had suggested Sturgeon's miscarriage was "fictional".
Ms Lax has now been suspended pending disciplinary action.
Since the incident on Tuesday, Ms Lax has been suspended pending disciplinary action, amid pressure from opposition parties.