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(of flower clusters) having loosely arranged parts
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LAnguage eXample.

A toy language used to illustrate compiler design.

["Compiler Construction", W.M. Waite et al, Springer 1984].
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He departs from Janischevsky's concept of C, ruderalis by applying the taxon to extremely short (<0.61 m), unbranched plants with broad leaflets from Central Asia, instead of Janischevsky's relatively tall, laxly branched plants with narrow leaflets from southeastern Europe.
When the leagues began using digital fingerprinting and automated takedown tools to instantly remove streams from hosting websites in the United States, he switched to websites located elsewhere--in Pakistan or China or the Netherlands, wherever intellectual property rights laws are lax or laxly enforced.
Even laxly enforced, however, the Code affected preproduction decisions: an early MPPDA reader of Sanctuary opined that a movie version was "utterly unthinkable" (qtd.
Johnson: 'I may perhaps have said this, for nobody talks more laxly than I do' to which Boswell 'ventured to suggest to him that this was dangerous from one of his authority'.
The enforcement on adulterated drugs cannot be different in India just because good manufacturing practices are so laxly interpreted for Indian manufacturers.
When the Securities and Exchange Commission was criticized for regulating Wall Street too laxly, another state attorney general, New York's Eliot Spitzer, stepped into what he perceived as a policy void.
Pasture was originally divided into 48 paddocks of approximately 1 ha each, which were being laxly grazed under continuous stocking since 2006 and presented high herbage masses comprised of large proportions of stem and dead material.
(202) However, New York law, as it has developed over the past century, treats criminal wrongdoing in the private sector contractual context so laxly as to almost encourage it.
Letters have been served to district administrations of all the flood affected parts of Sindh to demolish properties and evacuate lands which are an obstacle in flow of water, he added explaining that in the past governments laxly took such steps but the current situation had necessitated action more than it did in the past.
Broken promises, vague and laxly enforced laws, corruption at every relevant level and the years-old absence of anything approaching proactive governance have led the 6000 or so prisoners in the country to a dead end.