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lay figure

an artist's jointed dummy, used in place of a live model, esp for studying effects of drapery

Lay Figure


a wooden doll with movable arms and legs used by artists for sketching clothing and various human poses.

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They are lay figures mounted in the museum where all may take them in at a glance" (170).
Here among the overgrown, broken down, carved stone lay figures of saints who once decorated the long forgotten buildings on this site, for here once stood the chapels of Mary Magdalen and St Leonard.
The first three chapters present the reader with a critique of the clergy and the major lay figures. While this is marginally interesting, it tells us little about the usual preconditions of reformation.
Guyot Marchant's editions of the mid-1480s gave currency to the term "danse macabre," his 1485 Danse depicting thirty "types" divided almost equally between clerical and lay figures) and an expanded edition in 1486 surveying seventy-four types (including those in an accompanying Danse macabre des femmes).(17) The verse exchanges in Marchant's Danse tend to underscore the futility of high position, wealth, and fame - and in some cases, the futility of craft (as the doctor his lore, and the astrologer his predictions).
Using an empirical methodology that ranges widely in medical and literary sources, Oppenheim demonstrates how the metaphor of nervous exhaustion was understood by both medical and lay figures and how the connotations of "shattered nerves" changed between the early nineteenth century and World War I due to the combined impact of evangelicalism, industrialization, and psychiatric and physiological ideas.
Courbet made no bones about the use of lay figures. One hangs in imitation of a crucified thief in the background of his 1855 autobiographical canvas The Artist's Studio: A Real Allegory Summing Up Seven Years of My Life as an Artist (not in the exhibition).