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As the old system was designed to lay waste to Russia, one of our new best friends, we can save a fortune on a Trident replacement and still have the "comfort" of a deadly nuclear shield if needed.
Repeated forays into both mania and depression, however, lay waste to marriages, friendships, and other social ties.
She said: "These figures lay waste to the argument at Westminster that people need to get on the bus to find a job.
DAVID Cameron had the cheek to tell the country to grow up yesterday after he revealed his plans to lay waste to the NHS.
You have never seen someone lay waste to a buffet like a pregnant woman.
"Save us from the wars and armed conflicts which lay waste to whole areas of the world, from the scourge of terrorism and from the many forms of violence which assail the weak, the vulnerable."
At the occasion, Abbasi said that CNG is an important industry and that government would not all investment worth billions in this sector lay waste.