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lath laid-and-set

In plastering, a method of finishing the ceilings and partitions of houses with two-coat work, in which the first coat is called laying, and is often scratched with a broom.
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" I don't require to take anyone's permission for laying the foundation stone for the projects that belong to Punjab government," Badal said on Friday after foundation laying ceremony of Malaut road overbridge.
Calcium removal from the bones in the formation of the eggshell at the beginning of the laying phase causes the pullets to be in a negative calcium balance (MORGAN; MITCHEL, 1938), which cannot be relieved by increasing the level of dietary calcium (HURWITZ; GRIMINGER, 1960).
Without some artificial light, most hens will stop laying in the winter.
When the turves are laid, firm them down gently by laying a plank on top of them and tapping it with a rubber mallet or the back of a rake.
In laying one of his horses he must have known that it was probable it would at least draw attention, in this age of openness and transparency.
Instead of laying off these employees, the employer participating in the Work Sharing Program keeps all 100 employees on the payroll, but reduces every employee's hours from five days to four days a week, thereby achieving the same 20 percent reduction in payroll.
Composite tape layers for thermosets and thermoplastics are automated systems for measuring, cutting, and laying down courses of prepreg tape on flat or contoured surfaces.
In fact, Immensae Caritatis, the original 1973 document from the Vatican laying out the permission for such extraordinary ministers, spelled out that they should only be used "because of a great crowd of people or some disability of the celebrant."
Skreber's paintings romp in the buffer zone between abstraction and representation, engaging in material play that seems less about irony or gee-whiz effects than about expedient ways of laying down color or line at the service of an image.
In northwestern Tennessee where I have studied Carolina Chickadees since 1970, the earliest clutches are initiated in March and the latest clutches are laid in May; the peak of egg laying typically occurs in late March and early April.
Demand for cable laying is such that the vessel, Bold Endeavour, is already booked in from its launch date on December 1 for six months laying transatlantic cable number 14 for KDD-SCC, the cable systems supplier division of KDD, the Japanese telco.