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lath laid-and-set

In plastering, a method of finishing the ceilings and partitions of houses with two-coat work, in which the first coat is called laying, and is often scratched with a broom.
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I don't require to take anyone's permission for laying the foundation stone for the projects that belong to Punjab government," Badal said on Friday after foundation laying ceremony of Malaut road overbridge.
Without some artificial light, most hens will stop laying in the winter.
14, 2005 Science that the birds' laying habits appear to have a genetic basis.
I've had people tell me that they plan on laying around for the summer," Counts says.
CM100 control system offers 10 axes of coordinated control with individual acceleration and deceleration rate, and "Look Ahead" software to prevent laying down defective tape.
Still, Giles said, ``we're not talking about laying off any teachers.
He came back three weeks later and wanted to know when they would start laying again.
If he answers the bartender's casual inquiry on what he does for a living by admitting "air laying," a distinctive moment of silence will replace the lively conversation around, guaranteed
40am, cenotaph, Linthorpe Road, Middlesbrough: The High Sheriff of North Yorkshire, Mr John W Furness, will be laying the First Poppy on the Field of Remembrance at the cenotaph at 10.
First you will need to remove weeds, improve your soil by adding organic matter, address drainage issues and level off the ground on which you are laying the turf.