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Any disease of the kidney.



a general term that includes several renal disorders. Classified as nephropathies are nephropathy of pregnancy and a group of other kidney diseases that are distinguished from each other by a variety of morphological changes. This latter group of diseases includes myelogenous nephropathy, endemic, or Balkan, nephropathy, medicinally induced nephropathy, kaliopenic nephropathy, and hypercalcemic nephropathy.


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Our laboratory has developed long-term models of both low and high lead nephropathy in male Sprague-Dawley rats fed a low calcium diet (123-125).
Thus these studies join those in humans (81,197,126) which indicate that lead nephropathy should be added to diabetic nephropathy as diseases which may lead to hyperfiltration early in the course.
Acute lead intoxication without renal involvement or lead nephropathy ordinarily is treated with EDTA chelation.
Beta2-microglobulinuria is not found in lead nephropathy, while NAG and GST, indicative of tubular injury, are seen in both cadmium nephropathy and lead nephropathy.
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