lead safe

drip sink, lead safe

A shallow sink set near floor level to receive the drip from a faucet or the like.
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Playworks partners with elementary schools to lead safe, inclusive recess where students are given the opportunity to remain physically active and develop healthy social and emotional behaviors.
"The mandatory use of lead safe paints in schools has to be strictly observed to ensure a healthy environment where children can study, discover their potentials, and hone their skills and talents.
It asserted that because of lack of safe drinking water, adequate sanitation and hygiene facilities at home, it becomes disproportionately difficult for women and girls to lead safe, productive and healthy lives.
However, Oman failed to keep the lead safe as Javier Patino's header in the 38th minute off a Manny Ott free-kick from the left flank was deflected by Oman's Khalid al Hajri into the goal.
THE ORDINANCE requiring the use of lead safe paints in construction, maintenance, and renovation projects in the city will be tackled on third reading today.The proponent of the ordinance is councilor Pilar Braga, a member of the committee on trade, commerce and industry committee.
'We seek your earnest support in ensuring that only certified lead safe paints are used by the country's LGUs in line with the national government's policy phasing out lead-containing architectural, decorative and household (ADH) paints that took effect in 2017,' EcoWaste Coalition President Eileen Sison wrote.
We want to ensure that older people still feel confident enough to go out and lead safe, independent lives.
One portion of this grant is being used to fund institutional review board (IRB)approved research conducted by the Lead Safe and Healthy Homes Department of MCPHD for a 36-month period.
Mair Rowlands, Gwynedd Council Cabinet Member for Healthy Gwynedd said the role of the walk leaders will be to lead safe and enjoyable walking sessions for people of all ages and abilities.
I have the utmost confidence that Dave will lead SAFE into the future with great success."
Her organization Lead Safe America Foundation provides outreach and education, emergency intervention grants, free lead test kits, and much more.