lead sleeve

lead slate, copper slate, lead sleeve

A cylindrical sleeve, formed of sheet lead or sheet copper, used around a pipe where it penetrates a roof to make the intersection watertight.
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The un-hardened flat-tip steel core is covered by a lead sleeve that does not fill the entire interior of the jacket, leaving a hollow cavity inside the nose--the focal point of the imbroglio over its wounding potential,
X-rays taken at the Wound BaUistics Lab of recovered 5.45x39mm bullets showed that the lead sleeve flowed asymmetrically forward into the jacket tip after rapid deceleration upon striking tissue, to unbalance the projectile and .possibly initiate its right-angle turn.
Securing fixtures of light and medium weight to solid and hollow masonry and brick walls is best accomplished with lead sleeve anchors and tag shields made of zinc alloy.
Moreover inadequately suturing the lead sleeves facilitates the retraction of leads.
Five tenders for the supply of (a) lead sleeves of 240 mm and potential 11 kV, (b) junction box suitable for copper cables connection 3x240 mm2 and 11 KV potential, (c) printed material, (d) shrinking connector suitable for cable 3x120 + 70 mm2 cross section, also (e) different types , thickness and sizes of wooden sheets.