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starter frame

Shallow formwork which projects above floor level, for the location and subsequent construction of a column or wall.
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In retrospect, such early works play like obvious lead-ups to Olmi's first feature, "Time Stood Still" (1959), which incorporates a docu style (the pic was originally slated as nonfiction) in a mountain-set tale of the relationship between a young student and an older dam worker.
Since those conflicts tended to have long lead-ups, what mattered most was how many guys you could get to the front line, rather than how fast you could get them there.
She said that she looked back at all the Grand Slam tournaments she had taken part in and said that she had different lead-ups.
India have not had the greatest of lead-ups to their defence of the ICC U-19 World Cup title; but then, there is no better way to open up the tournament than to pick up a victory against rivals Pakistan.