leader head

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leader head, conductor head, rainwater head

leader head
An enlargement or catch basin to receive rainwater from the gutter at the top of a leader.
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Possible leader Head Iton Eoin would benefit from trouble in behind, while Newmarket Flyaway is strong but may be looking for the same gaps as the selection.
Labour strategists have long believed he will be able to beat Mr Cameron when he is allowed to tackle the Tory leader head on.
06, an agreement has been signed between President Abbas and Hamas chief Khalid Mashaal in Qatar which will see the Fatah leader head a unity government.
Colin Redden's dog moved through the field after a modest start and passing long-time leader Head Iton Jason on the run-in, going on to beat staying on Rubio by a length.
The Israeli leader heads a coalition with only a one-seat majority in parliament, making him especially vulnerable to the demands of religious nationalists in his cabinet regarding settlements, which much of the international community opposes.
The awarded vendor for this project shall furnish, at their expense, all labor, supervisors, equipment, machinery, tools, materials, transportation, and other services necessary to replace all expansion joints (per attached detail), cut out and repair orange painted membrane bubbles, clean all debris on roof and rain water leader heads and seal scuppers per muck up.
The series leader heads into the weekend eager to re-establish his margin over Eugene Laverty, which was reduced to 17 points in Brno when he retired with mechanical problems while leading near the end.
One governance leader heads an association of 10,000 board members and the other governance leader chairs a coalition of thirteen of the largest Hispanic organizations in America.
The senior category team leader heads the cross-functional category team, and does not have buying responsibilities.
The Serb leader heads the list of suspects the International War Crimes Tribunal would like to see in the dock at the end of the conflict in Kosovo.