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Leading Article


an introductory article of a newspaper or journal; it is written by an editor or, occasionally, by a contributor.

In the party and Soviet press, leading articles are an important means for propagandizing the CPSU’s policies in all spheres of public life. Leading articles in social and political periodicals interpret and comment on major current events and on the tasks of the domestic and foreign policy of the CPSU and the Soviet government; they also advocate innovations, criticize shortcomings, and point out practical solutions for current tasks of communist construction. The distinguishing trait of leading articles is their making of broad conclusions from individual facts. In specialized newspapers and journals, leading articles usually deal with vital issues concerning development and perfection of the national economy and culture.


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He read the leading article, and proceeded to give a full and kindly explanation of the hard words.
There was another letter from him in the same paper, touching a bridge; there was an advertisement of a collection of similar letters by him, to be shortly republished, in a neat volume, 'with considerable additions'; and, unless I am very much mistaken, the Leading Article was his also.
She stops in the middle of a leading article and looks with a careworn face at the happy cat.
Fang was at that moment perusing a leading article in a newspaper of the morning, adverting to some recent decision of his, and commending him, for the three hundred and fiftieth time, to the special and particular notice of the Secretary of State for the Home Department.
The leading article protests against 'that abominable and hellish doctrine of abolition, which is repugnant alike to every law of God and nature.
It did not, in truth, differ very much from a leading article upon topics of general interest in the weekly newspapers.
Even in June there were leaders, letters, large headlines, leaded type; the Daily Chronicle devoting half its literary page to a charming drawing of the island capital which the new Pall Mall, in a leading article headed by a pun, advised the Government to blow to flinders.
I understand he has got a very brilliant young fellow to edit it, who can write the highest style of leading article, quite equal to anything in the London papers.
Do you mean to say you have not read THE TIMES leading article on Robert Chiltern's career?
Prof Reed is editor of The Journal of Criminal Law, and has published leading articles in the law reviews of New York, Georgia, Florida, California and Arizona.
He became well known for his vigorous leading articles and penetrating dramatic criticism, partly collected in Dramatic Values (1911).