leading edge

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leading edge

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leading edge

[′lēd·iŋ ′ej]
(aerospace engineering)
The front edge of an airfoil or wing.
(design engineering)
The surfaces or inset cutting points on a bit that face in the same direction as the rotation of the bit.
The major portion of the rise of a pulse.
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leading edge, lock edge, strike edge

The vertical edge of a swinging door or window which is opposite the hinge edge.
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leading edge

leading edge
The foremost edge of an airfoil section. It could be of a wing, a rotor, a tail, or any other airfoil and where air meets it first.
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leading edge

(1) The edge of a document (or of a punch card during many decades of data processing) that enters the read station first.

(2) In digital electronics, a pulse as it changes from a 0 to a 1.

(3) In programming, a loop that tests a condition before the loop is entered.

(4) The latest technology. See bleeding edge.

(5) (Leading Edge Products, Inc., Westborough, MA) A PC manufacturer founded in 1980. Its Model M (for Mitsubishi) in 1982 was the first PC from overseas. Korean Daewoo Corporation supplied it with products since 1984 and acquired it in 1989. Leading Edge computers are no longer sold in the U.S.
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Perhaps somewhat surprising, given that they have longer to accumulate a retirement nest egg, is the finding that trailing edge boomers express greater concern over outliving assets and having lost time in saving for retirement than do leading edge boomers.
In its report D-Code, which analyses leading edge culture and advertising around the world, the group said today's youth were more connected, better informed, more discerning and increasingly cynical.
Its leading edge Pentrys anti-cancer vaccine successfully completed Phase I and Phase I/IIa trials at St.
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Leading Edge schools are part of the government's drive to reform secondary education and only the most successful schools have been selected to ``transform the face of education in their local areas, through collaboration and innovation''.
With factories, and sales and service offices in three continents and an extensive agent network, DISA serves international industrial manufacturers, foundries and metalworking industries with leading edge technology solutions, tailored to their specific needs.
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