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LMI's integrated design build team began working with Embraer in 2011 on producing the moveable leading edge slat assembly for the Embraer KC-390 military transport aircraft.
A developmental wing leading edge slat will feature alongside the Krueger rib.
O The researchers think it is possible to design a leading edge slat [ETH] the device that slides forward during take off and landing at the front of the wing [ETH] that would direct the airflow in a way to minimize the number of bugs impacting the wing.
Roughly one hour later, at 1927h, a Frontier Airlines Airbus A318 (N806FR) struck a bird on final approach at the airport, damaging a leading edge slat, but causing no issue for the pilots on landing.
Included in the new contract are engineering, manufacturing, testing, tooling, certification and product support of the complete wing leading edge slat system.
According to media reports, the 767-300 aircraft had been fitted with a leading edge slat designed for older and smaller 767-200 aircraft.
This AD requires the replacement, with new parts, of the existing actuators or the rod ends on the existing actuators at wing leading edge slat position 1,2,5 and 6.
Spirit AeroSystems also supplies the forward fairing, strut, thrust reverser assembly, inlet and fan cowl assemblies, floor beams, seat tracks, leading edge slats and fixed leading edge for the 777 family of aircraft.
Reverse thrust was only available from the No 3 engine, no leading edge slats were available, there was limited aileron and spoiler control, anti-skid braking was restricted to the body landing gear only, there was limited nose wheel steering and that the nose was likely to pitch up on touchdown,'' the paper quoted investigators as saying in the report.
The speed card says to extend the leading edge slats below 224 knots, which is the first flap detent.
On 12-mile final for our first approach, the leading edge slats failed to extend.

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