Leaf Scorch

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leaf scorch

[′lēf ‚skȯrch]
Any of several disorders and fungus diseases marked by a burned appearance of the leaves; for example, caused by the fungus Diplocarpon earliana in strawberry.

Leaf Scorch


injury to plants caused by extremely high air temperatures. It is manifested by varicolored necrotic spots on the leaves: yellow in wheat, red in oats, cinnamonbrown in linden and oak. It results from overheating when the roots cannot supply the leaves with the amount of moisture needed to keep them cool.

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Although PD is largely seen as a grape problem, the same strain of the bacteria that causes PD is also to blame for almond leaf scorch and alfalfa dwarf.
The edges of the leaf scorch and you get very rapid, elongated growth.
In the greenhouse, monogenic resistance to leaf scorch was identified in `Ripley' (Stephens et al.
Unlike most other Persicarias it prefers to be in semi-shade to avoid leaf scorch in hot sunshine.
But don't move them from somewhere very shaded into direct sunlight or they will suffer leaf scorch.
Only when the new nomenclature is understood can a sensible choice be made, although as a general rule all do best in a sunny situation but not too hot, because some varieties suffer from leaf scorch under such conditions.
he Glassy-winged Sharpshooter (GWSS) is a serious new pest in California because it can carry a bacterium which causes the grapevine-killing Pierce's Disease (PD) as well as almond leaf scorch, alfalfa dwarf, oleander scorch, phony peach disease, plum leaf scale and citrus variegated chlorosis.
Using DNA markers, a gene cluster on molecular Linkage Group G conditioning resistance to SDS was dissected into resistance to root infection conditioned by Rfsl and resistance to leaf scorch by Rft1 (Meksem et al.
In summer, overhead shadecloth prevents leaf scorch, glare, and insect invasion.