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the loss of current from an electrical conductor because of faulty insulation, etc.

What does it mean when you dream about a leak?

If one dreams about something leaking out, then it can represent a feeling of being depleted or wasted energy. Water leaking into a sinking boat is often a straightforward reflection of a “sinking” feeling. Sometimes dreaming about a leak is a simple reflection of our need to wake up and “take a leak.”


(plant pathology)
A watery rot of fruits and vegetables caused by various fungi, such as Rhizopus nigricans in strawberry.

sound leak

The passage of sound through a crack or hole in a partition; significantly reduces the effectiveness of sound insulation of the partition.


With a qualifier, one of a class of resource-management bugs that occur when resources are not freed properly after operations on them are finished, so they effectively disappear (leak out). This leads to eventual exhaustion as new allocation requests come in.

One might refer to, say, a "window handle leak" in a window system.

See memory leak, fd leak.


Whether it is a leaky pipe or a bottle of soda, any type of a leak is usually a waste of energy and resources. If you are dreaming about leaks, you may want to consider where you are wasting energy and resources (be it in your daily life, emotional life or thinking). Additionally, look carefully at the entire dream and see if information is being “leaked” from the unconscious to the conscious. The leaking water may represent emotions, thoughts, or insights entering slowly into the conscious experience of the dreamer.
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It was only then -- after pursuing "all reasonable alternative investigative steps," as required by the department's regulations -- that investigators proposed obtaining telephone toll records (logs of calls made and received) for about 20 phone lines that the leaker might have used in conversations with A.
It undermines the very basis of our democracy and is against all the rules of fair play, rewards thieves or leakers of information who may be in breach of contract and does no service to our democracy.
Alcan's self-manufactured bags feature improved shrink and puncture resistance for outstanding performance and fewer leakers.
Leaker was found guilty of obtaining cash by dishonesty at Maidstone Crown Court and jailed for 18 months.
Would he have kept echoing the media-liberal spin that there was some nefarious White House leaker to discover, and continue to let the aides who most believed in his policies -- Mr.
He was the leaker of the documents that outed Valerie Plame, while he promised us that the leaker would be punished.
Available in clear plastic and popular like red, white, metallic blue, silver or smoked, the product has excellent oxygen and moisture barrier properties, offers low leaker rates, and outstanding shelf life.
Gonzales is now pursuing the leaker, though he has a double conflict of interest.
The only real surprise here is that Rove was publicly identified as the leaker this time--after White House press secretary Scott McClellan repeatedly quoted Rove as saying he had nothing to do with disclosing Plame's name.
Tory Shadow Home Secretary Sir Norman Fowler said the failure to unearth the leaker and the revelation that the leak came from inside the Government underlined how "indefensible" Mr Straw's bid to suppress publication of the extracts was.
In the past, most such investigations have failed to identify the leaker.