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Music a relatively large melodic interval, esp in a solo part


Language for the Expression of Associative Procedures.

ALGOL-based formalism for sets and associative retrieval, for TX-2. Became part of SAIL.

"An ALGOL-based Associative Language", J.A. Feldman et al, CACM 12(8):439-449 (Aug 1969).
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Let me be clear: taking a leap of faith can be terrifying.
"Yet advisors, almost universally, talk about the move as a kind of leap of faith. If you miss that kind of leap, and the quality of the decision-making, you miss the most important aspect of the advisor experience." Read the full article.
LEAP OF FAITH: M&S worker Charlotte is to take on a 1,500ft skydive (JH240413Dcharlotte-01)
Friday's draws ??Ted Hegarty Marathon second round: Heat 1: 1 Michaels Gift, 2 Russelena Jude, 3 Varra Swallow, 4 Leap Of Faith, 5 Portavoe Girl, 6 Golden Graze (w).
One of Khaishgi's films, 'Leap of Faith' was screened at India's Aligarh Muslim University film festival 2012.
THE Football League have agreed to allow Plymouth Argyle to exit administration - but admit it has taken "a leap of faith" to back a takeover by local businessman James Brent.
SFL chief David Longmuir last night claimed Scottish football needs to take "a leap of faith" for the longterm future of our game.
Just as a professional coach will not push his students beyond their capabilities, but will concentrate on strengthening their weaknesses, so too God will not expect from us more than we can give, but will urge us to push ourselves that extra bit - to take that leap of faith.
Five daredevils took a leap of faith at Swansea Airport to raise money for Blue Balloon Children's Charity.
"Leap of Faith" is a teen novelette for struggling learners in the Urban Underground series, designed to engage interest of young adults with 3.5 grade reading ability.
THRILLSEEKERS from Coventry and Warwickshire are being urged to take a leap of faith for a worthy cause.
Leap of faith: Rawiri Paratene and Sara Wiseman in The Insatiable Moon.