least significant bit

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least significant bit

[¦lēst sig¦nif·i·kənt ′bit]
(computer science)
The bit that carries the lowest value or weight in binary notation for a numeral; for example, when 13 is represented by binary 1101, the 1 at the right is the least significant bit. Abbreviated LSB.
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least significant bit

(LSB) Bit zero, the bit of a binary number giving the number of ones, the last or rightmost bit when the number is written in the usual way.
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(1) (Least Significant Bit) In a big-endian system, the LSB is the rightmost binary digit in a binary number. In little-endian, it is the leftmost binary digit. Contrast with MSB. See byte order. See also least significant digit.

(2) (Linux Standard Base) A standard interface (ABI) for Linux from the Linux Foundation (www.linux-foundation.org). Introduced in 2001 by the Free Standards Group, which later became the Linux Foundation, applications based on the LSB standard will run properly under LSB-based operating systems. Using Version 3 as a base, future LSB applications will be backward compatible to LSB 3.0 operating systems.

Covering packaging and installation, file placement, shared libraries, configuration files and system commands, the Linux Foundation provides certification for Linux distributions, applications and development tools. See Linux Foundation.
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(2012) [12] proposed a technique based on substitution approach using the least significant bit (LSB), as known, the LSB has wide range used applications with the ability to hide information in 8-bit and 24-bit images, which is working on the concept that information is hidden in the least significant bit of a pixel byte, thus making it practically impossible for the human eye to notice that there is a difference between the new image which has the secret data and old one.
The Least Significant bit helps to generate a secure template by taking the template image as the cover message and the mask as the message image there by creating a template that encodes the pixel value of the extracted feature.
The next step, this encoded message was hidden into an image by LSB (Least Significant Bit) method.
The simplest and the most widely used spatial domain steganography method is the least significant bit (LSB) method where it replaces the least significant bit of the original pixel with the message bit.
Image Watermarking Using LSB (Least Significant Bit).
Keywords: Least significant bit replacement, Image hiding, Pixel-value differencing, Steganography, Data hiding.
During initialization phase, the LFSR is shifted by ignoring the majority logic function and the least significant bit (LSB) is replaced with the tapped bits of the LFSR.
Let us now suppose that the circuit's output "y" is coded by the use of a binary scheme, where [b.sub.M-1] and [b.sub.0] stand for the most significant bit (MSB) and the least significant bit (LSB), respectively.
Gangwar, "Image steganography using least significant bit with cryptography," Journal of Global Research in Computer Science, vol.
Two of the fourteen papers describe the embedding and extraction processes of video steganography and the design of reconfigurable architectures for a least significant bit (LSB) steganography system.
Upon closer inspection, discontinuities are seen at the transitions from hex value F to 0 in the least significant bit of the counter.

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