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Patrick s, has been the centre of Leatherback Turtle research undertaken by Ocean Spirits for the last nine (9) years.
KARACHI -- Another rare Leatherback turtle (Dermochelys coriacea) which accidently enmeshed in fishing net at Gwadar was released under supervision of WWFPakistan staff.
LEGAZPI CITY -- All of the 90 eggs laid by a giant leatherback turtle on the shore of a coastal village here last July failed to hatch within the normal 70-day period, a wildlife specialist of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources said Thursday.
Leatherback turtles nesting in Florida are considered a separate stock from the six other stocks in the Atlantic Ocean (TEWG, 2007).
According to Dutton, at least 75 percent of all leatherback turtles in the western Pacific Ocean hatch from eggs laid on a few beaches in an area known as Bird's Head Peninsula in West Papua.
Summary: Hundreds of leatherback turtle eggs have been crushed by bulldozers along the coast of Trinidad.
If actual climate patterns follow projections in the study, the eastern Pacific population of leatherback turtles will decline by 75 percent by the year 2100.
Dr Richardson said the Atlantic appeared to have become the last stronghold for the leatherback turtles.
In the Pacific, leatherback turtles have seen a big decline over the past three decades.
Head of WWF Cymru Anne Meikle appealed to people to support WWF's work on turtle conservation and to ensure leatherback turtles survive to visit, feed and enhance the biodiversity of our Welsh shores.