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They come from the leatherjacket grub which live in the ground until they hatch.
But the RSPB pointed out that leatherjackets - the larvae of daddy-long-legs (craneflies) - are also lurking under the soil.
Fishing in nearby Blackwattle Bay would be less likely during the 19th century because of pollution by viscera from local meatworks which attracted great numbers of sharks and leatherjackets which were reviled by the public (Hoskins 2010:181-83).
Conwy birdwatchers have been amazed to discover the largest flock ever recorded in Britain, with more than 80 birds feeding on leatherjackets, as cranefly larvae are commonly known.
Two Chepstow fixtures in September 2005 were lost due to an infestation of leatherjackets - the larval stage of the crane fly, or daddy long-legs.
Triggerfish belong to the Balistadae family, a group also including filefish and black durgon, collectively known as leatherjackets for their extremely tough skin.
AI suspect they are pecking out leatherjackets, the grubs of the daddy longlegs.
Evaluation of a fungal endophyte (Neotyphodium lolii) for control of leatherjackets (Tipula spp.
The Australian fur seal and the southern rock lobster are found here, but rocky reefs along the Tasmanian and mainland coastlines also support seahorses, sponges, sea anemones, lace corals, tube worms and sea squirts, sea pens, sea whips and barnacles, and provide home for abalone, sea urchins, wrasse, perch and leatherjackets.
It is used against a large number of pests, such as wireworm and leatherjackets, and is also used by prescription to treat head lice and mites (scabies) in humans.
On the other hand, forcing fishers to harvest species such as rubberlip morwong, ocean leatherjackets and silver trevally at larger sizes, through changes to mesh selectivity, may achieve increased yields--as occurred in the Caribbean.