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habitual or more skillful use of one hand as opposed to the other. Approximately 90% of humans are thought to be right-handed. It was traditionally argued that there is a slight tendency toward asymmetrical physiological development favoring the right side of the
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The intellectual discourse can go on and on but left-handedness has continued to draw humanity's attention for centuries.
[USA], Jan 8 ( ANI ): Children who are breast-fed are more likely to be right-handed whereas bottle feeding is linked to left-handedness.
Understanding left-handedness. Deutsches Arzteblatt International, 108(50), 849-853.
PL Absent Absent bilaterally in left hand Sex Female 103 (55.4%) 50 (48.5) Male 83 (44.6%) 53 (51.5) Hand Left-handedness 18 (9.7) 8 (7.8) Preference Right-handedness 163 (87.6) 95 (92.2) Ambidextrous 5 (2.7) 0 (0) PL Present Absent p bilaterally in right hand Sex Female 315 (48.2) 57 (52.8) 0.336 Male 338 (51.8) 51 (47.2) Hand Left-handedness 41 (6.3) 3 (2.8) Preference Right-handedness 578 (88.5) 101 (93.5) * 0.045 Ambidextrous 34 (5.2) 4 (3.7) Table II.
Also known as Sinistrality (derived from the Latin word sinister meaning "left" as well as "unlucky") the issue of left-handedness has been studied theoretically and empirically for over a century without any definite resolution.
A school district in Okemah, Oklahoma, says it is investigating why a teacher told a 4-year-old student not to write with his left hand and then sent his mother, Alisha Sands, an article saying that in many cultures, left-handedness is considered "unlucky, inauspicious and frankly evil."
Coren conducted several experiments that suggest left-handedness is associated with superior divergent thinking, at least in men.
When she spotted one of her four-year-old students writing with his left hand she instructed him to use his right and later sent a letter to his mother in which the teacher called left-handedness "unlucky," "evil," and "sinister."
There is evidence a disproportionate number of men in prison are left-handed, fueling the leap that left-handedness is related to social deviation.
"Left-handedness was particularly apparent in eastern grey and red kangaroos."
When you display your right side in a mirror, the image shows its left side back and you know how sinister left-handedness is.