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a. Law someone legally appointed to manage the affairs of a person incapable of acting for himself, as a minor or person of unsound mind
b. Social welfare (in England) a local authority, or person accepted by it, named under the Mental Health Act 1983 as having the powers to require a mentally disordered person to live at a specified place, attend for treatment, and be accessible to a doctor or social worker
2. (in England) another word for custos
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an English daily bourgeois newspaper. The Guardian was founded in 1821 in Manchester. (Until 1959 it was called the Manchester Guardian.) Since 1961 it has been published in London and Manchester. The Guardian reflects views similar to those held by the leaders of the Liberal Party. In 1970 its circulation was 290,000 copies.

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(1) An operating system for Tandem's NonStop computer systems. See Tandem.

(2) An earlier firewall for securing a private network from the Internet from NetGuard, Inc., Fairfax, VA. Guardian ran on Windows NT.
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Iraqna had about 3 million subscribers at the time of Zain's acquisition and the statement did not explain whether the money to be placed under the legal guardian's jurisdiction would be back-dated to 2007 or how such a sum could be calculated.
However, it is unclear as of now if Soteros will agree to let Cheryl be Meadow's legal guardian, and tension in the family is almost guaranteed, multiple reports indicate.
The judge easily managed to circumvent that right by insisting on the ridiculous notion that the lawyer needed a legal guardian in the courtroom so she could perform her duties.
On a basic level becoming your nieces' legal guardians means you will be responsible for all their daily needs; providing food, clothing, shelter and other necessities, and on a more complex level it may require you to manage their finances until they are of an age when they are legally deemed old enough to do so themselves.
The boy is currently in the care of Ireland's Health Service Executive and is expected to be reunited with his legal guardian this week.
The government should guarantee the responsibilities and duties of the parents or the legal guardian towards appropriate rearing, care and direction of the child.
MISSING: Two-year-old Phoenix Barnes and, left, his legal guardian Thomas Barnes.
De la Renta, the wife of fashion designer Oscar de la Renta, has been appointed Astor's temporary legal guardian until a court decides who will become her permanent carer.
11-year-old daughter Danielle, to become the legal guardian to his three boys ( Shaun, 16, Marc, 14, and 12-year-old Andrew.
Voters were asked to amend the California constitution to prohibit abortion for an unemancipated minor until 48 hours after a physician notifies the minor's parent or legal guardian. The proposal would have allowed for an exception in the case of a medical emergency or with a court order waiving notice.
The singer is also the legal guardian of Tiger Lily, Yates' daughter by the late INXS singer, Michael Hutchence.
As her legal guardian, he brought a court case to have her feeding tube removed and this request was granted mid-October, 2003.