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A lexical analyser generator for Unix and its input language. There is a GNU version called flex and a version written in, and outputting, SML/NJ called ML-lex. A version, by David Poole at Montana has been retargeted to Turbo Pascal, ftp://iecc.com/pub/file/lyprg.zip.

["Lex - A Lexical Analyzer Generator", M.E. Lesk, CS TR 39, Bell Labs, Oct 1975].


(language, specification)
The lexical specification language for COPS.

["Metalanguages of the Compiler Production System COPS", J. Borowiec, in GI Fachgesprach "Compiler-Compiler", ed W. Henhapl, Tech Hochs Darmstadt 1978, pp.122-159].
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(Yet Another Compiler Compiler) A Unix compiler used to create a compiler. The operators, variables and constants of the program are typically defined in C using lex (LEXical analyzer), which converts them into preprocessed, machine-readable tokens for yacc. The grammar of the new language is written in C and compiled in yacc. The combination of lex (define elements) and yacc (define actions) creates a new compiler. For more information, visit www.epaperpress.com. See bison.
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3: <<Non spectat facere leges ad rationem cuiuscumque, sed solum illius qui gerit curam communitatis, quia talis gerit curam bonum ommunis ad quod ordinatur lex>>.
quia legislator fert leges in universali et de futuris ...>>; DT, 1057: <<...
While only 17 percent of black college students attend historically black col- leges and universities, these schools award 44 percent of the nation's science degrees to black undergraduates.
[35] The parallel between the legal profession and the military one, denoted by armae et litterae or armae et leges (arms and laws) was a common theme in Roman culture, and could be found in republican authors like Cicero as well as in the law codes of the later Empire.
"(12) Newton's own statement in the Principia mathematica of the law, which he lists as one of the axioms or leges motus, is: "Corpus omne perseverare in statu quo quiescendi vel movendi uniformiter in directum, nisi quatenus a viribus impressis cogitur statum ilium mutare.
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