legget, leggatt

A tool used by reed thatchers to align the reeds.
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Edward Leggatt, an able writer as well as an admirable painter, has exhaustively discussed Charles Strickland's work in a little book[1] which is a charming example of a style, for the most part, less happily cultivated in England than in France.
[1] "A Modern Artist: Notes on the Work of Charles Strickland," by Edward Leggatt, A.R.H.A.
Lord Justice Leggatt agreed that the trial judge had made mistakes in the way he conducted the trial, but that did not mean the conviction was "unsafe".
LEGGATT Douglas Peacefully at Cochrane Care Home, Johnstone on 19th September 2018, Douglas (Dougie) a loving dad, father in law, grandad, brother, brother in law, uncle and friend to many who will be sadly missed.
In a ruling yesterday, Mr Justice Leggatt said the commission had "misinterpreted" the definition of referendum expenses in relation to the Vote Leave campaign.
Mr Justice Leggatt said the Electoral Commission's findings were made on a different legal basis, so the High Court proceedings remained relevant.
At London's Appeal Court, the brothers asked Lord Justice Leggatt to cut their sentences, claiming they were treated too harshly.
Judge Mr Justice Leggatt warned the wins "are likely to affect many of the remaining cases".
Mr Justice Leggatt is hearing closing arguments from barristers representing Ashley and investment banker Jeffrey Blue at a High Court trial in London.
In the mix-up that followed in front of goal, Gallacher handled a ball from Leggatt in the area and Glen made no mistake from the spot.
Conrad's deviation from this pattern explains why the young captain so powerfully identifies with Leggatt, who has escaped from the Sephora, secretly boards his ship and is the mirror image of himself.
But Mr Justice Leggatt refused to give permission to name the killer, who was convicted of manslaughter and later told he would serve less than a year in a young offenders institution as part of a two-year detention and training order.