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1. the act or process of making laws; enactment
2. the laws so made
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(1) One of the basic methods by which the state exercises its functions, consisting in the promulgation of laws by agencies of state power. In the USSR legislation is the exclusive prerogative of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR (Constitution of the USSR, 1971, art. 32) and of the Supreme Soviets of the Union and autonomous republics. The enactment of legislation is the most important activity of the Supreme Soviets, since the laws they promulgate encompass the most important aspects of the country’s economic, sociocultural, and political development, as well as the fundamental problems of foreign policy.

(2) The body of legal norms regulating social relations as a whole or one of the forms of social relations, including civil and criminal legislation.

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The executive is constantly reminding the legislature of the need for it to legislate. However, it should remember that when it itself usurps its function by misusing the emergency power of promulgating ordinances, it only invites member of the legislature to usurp the function of the executive, which extends to legislators interfering in the functioning of the police and the award of government contracts for road construction, all in the name of supervising development.
The ministry has developed a new bill on organization of nutrition for children in secondary schools of Kyrgyzstan in order to widely introduce the hot meals in school and legislate them.
He, however, promised that he would work with other progressive members of the National Assembly to legislate towards making laws that would make quality education, health services, social services affordable for the masses.
The reason was, he explained, that no rich man could legislate laws for their poor fellow beings or no landowner could legislate in favour of the working-class people.
'The PPP cannot and will not allow the bureaucracy or any one individual to legislate for GB, be that individual the prime minister of Pakistan,' he said.
The government is proposing it would legislate to permit abortion in cases where there is a risk to the life of the woman, a medical emergency or a fatal foetal abnormality, or up to 12 weeks without justification.
Powers repatriated from the EU after Brexit that are not listed as "reserved" would in the normal course of events be passed straight to Wales but clause 11 ensures Westminster intercepts these powers, restricting the devolved legislatures' ability to legislate in devolved areas.
Provinces should legislate as soon as possible in this regard and file report in the court.
NNA - Speaker of the House Nabih Berri said that the Parliament has the right to legislate in all matters, even in the absence of the president of the republic, stressing that the upcoming legislative session's agenda solely includes legislations of necessary.
It has pledged to legislate safe nurse-to-patient ratios, fund up to 4000 new nurse and midwifery graduates and invest an extra $212 million in the nursing workforce, among other measures.
"Given the need to rebuild trust with Greece, the Euro Summit welcomes the commitments of the Greek authorities to legislate without delay a first set of measures," it said.
BAGHDAD / Nina / The President Fuad Masum stressed on Thursday the importance of the agreement of parliamentary blocs and the convergence of their views in order to legislate the important laws that affect the lives of citizens.