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1. the act or process of making laws; enactment
2. the laws so made



(1) One of the basic methods by which the state exercises its functions, consisting in the promulgation of laws by agencies of state power. In the USSR legislation is the exclusive prerogative of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR (Constitution of the USSR, 1971, art. 32) and of the Supreme Soviets of the Union and autonomous republics. The enactment of legislation is the most important activity of the Supreme Soviets, since the laws they promulgate encompass the most important aspects of the country’s economic, sociocultural, and political development, as well as the fundamental problems of foreign policy.

(2) The body of legal norms regulating social relations as a whole or one of the forms of social relations, including civil and criminal legislation.

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Idaho Bill signed by governor April 11; legislation took effect July 1.
Articles will focus on systematic issues such as the necessity of codification, informatics in legislation, the use of scientific research in legislation, vague norms, the relation between language and law, creation and interpretation of law, fictions in legislation, the relation between the legislator and the judge, judicial review, conflicts of the norm, evaluation of legislation, regulation management, and the legitimization of law.
Congressional insiders expect this legislation to be the centerpiece for contracting reform initiatives in the 110th Congress.
We expect legislation will again be introduced to make VA health care funding mandatory and are optimistic that congressional hearings will finally be held on the proposal.
In budget legislation announced last May, the Government introduced proposals to (1) reduce the corporate income tax rate from 21 percent to 19 percent over a period of years through 2010 and (2) eliminate the corporate surtax by 2008.
He points to the unpopularity of recent legislation allowing pharmacists to withhold prescribed birth control from consumers.
The Alberta government also will introduce legislation to allow children to sue their mothers for car crash injuries they sustain while in the womb.
Last year, Arizona passed legislation that would bar in-state rates for undocumented immigrants but it was vetoed by Gov.
Additionally in 2005, two states (SC and LA) have introduced legislation that has the potential to move them into position to eliminate mercury in health care.
CalCPA and others were able to convince the author to abandon this approach and the legislation failed.