Legislative Assembly

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Legislative Assembly


(1) The title of legislative bodies in France that were established by the constitutions of 1791 and 1848. The first legislative assembly was short-lived. It existed only from Oct. 1, 1791, until Sept. 20, 1792, when it was replaced by the National Convention. The second Legislative Assembly was in session from May 28, 1849, until it was dissolved following the counterrevolutionary coup d’etat of Louis Napoleon (Dec. 2, 1851).

(2) The name for the parliament of several foreign states (for example, Costa Rica, El Salvador).

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He reminded the assemblymen to debate in a polite and respectful manner and in accordance with the legislative assembly regulations.
"The Transitional National Legislative Assembly has revoked its resolution in March 2017 that nominated nine members of Parliament to the East African Legislative Assembly," Kur said.
Scherman over-ruled the Provincial Metis Council, which set the legislative assembly for September.
Also on Friday, AJK Legislative Assembly Speaker Shah Ghulam Qadir told that the assembly's session would be held on Tuesday, July 27, to vote on the no-confidence motion, which had been filed by the Friends Group in the ruling Muslim Conference and the opposition including the PPP, People's Muslim League and the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM).
Every Friday, the FMLN has a public meeting in this park and gives updates about what's going on in the Legislative Assembly. Currently, the FMLN has the most seats in the legislature, though no party holds a majority.
McKinnon's career in politics began in 1961, with his election at the age of 25 (the youngest-ever Member, at the time) to Yukon's Territorial Council, as the Legislative Assembly was then known.
The Lieutenant Governor has also summoned the Legislative Assembly, to meet at Assembly Hall on the same day at 9:30 am.
He said both legislative assembly sessions this year will be held at the Dewan Sri Pinang.
Sardar Khalid, member legislative Assembly died few days earlier due to brain hemorrhage at the age of 71 and his death was widely mourned in AJK as he was popular for his principle stances and straight forwardness in politics.
The move comes in the wake of the crushing defeat to the party in the recently held AJK Legislative Assembly polls.
(PIPS) Tuesday started a four days orientation workshop for newly elected members of the Gilgit-Baltistan Legislative Assembly.

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