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act of giving the status of legitimacy to a child whose parents were not married at the time the child was born. This is generally accomplished by the subsequent marriage of the parents. Under the common law, legitimation by this process was not allowed, although that rule came under the displeasure of the church. It was not until 1926 that a statute was passed in England allowing legitimation by subsequent marriage. In the United States, legitimation by subsequent marriage is the general rule. In some states there are, moreover, special judicial proceedings for the legitimation of a child. In other states one or both of the parents may adopt the child. See bastardbastard,
person born out of wedlock whose legal status is illegitimacy. In civil law countries and in about half the states of the United States, the union of the parents in marriage after birth makes the child legitimate.
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the manner and the process in which a STATE or POLITICAL SYSTEM receives justification. See LEGITIMATE AUTHORITY, LEGITIMATION CRISIS.
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(1) In bourgeois states that do not have a passport system legitimation is a way of establishing a citizen’s identity. On the request of competent authorities, a citizen is required to produce identification documents.

(2) In bourgeois civil law, legitimation is proof of a citizen’s right to receive payment or to perform an action, for example, a license to use a patent.

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Our study relies on a context especially suited to investigate legitimation strategies resulting from high LOF: multinational banks (MNBs) and their subsidiaries in India.
But, according to Hayek's political theory, the only systemic institutional basis to the understanding, orientation and legitimation of the institutions is their very own institutional logic of functioning, which is technical.
But statutory recognition of legitimated foreign-born children of American fathers as citizens did not answer the important question of what legitimation entailed.
In social reality, the mentioned legitimation practices might appear highly interconnected.
Research on the public police demonstrates how both accountability and expertise are pertinent to discussions of legitimation work and social media.
- the code communication strategies was structured on three codes for legitimation and delegitimation: L-credit claiming (Ls1 - participants attribute success to themselves, as part of the micro-group/Turkey - MiG, macro-group - MaG, or EU institutions); L-credit granting (Ls2 - participants attribute success to others - to another micro-group, macro-group or EU institutions); L-requesting others (Ls3 - participants urges other actors to perform a certain action.
The Court, he shows, has repeatedly described "speech concerning the public affairs [as] the essence of self-government." (21) According to the Court, the "First Amendment exemplifies a 'profound national commitment' to the principle that 'debate on public issues should be uninhibited, robust, and wide-open.'" (22) Through advancing this national commitment, the Court has said, "the First Amendment serves to ensure that the individual citizen can effectively participate in and contribute to our republican system of self-government." (23) On the basis of this jurisprudence and the history of self-government, Post contends, the design of First Amendment doctrine must be understood "as protect [ing] the processes of democratic legitimation required for discursive democracy" (p.
Dismissing the legitimation exception to the Guyer rule was no small matter.
Nevertheless, participatory instruments can enhance input legitimation, but this still has no guarantee for obtaining better results through newly developed policies.
Overall, Omale presents very rich and fascinating data; however, I feel that the significance of the legitimation crisis in Nigeria is not explored as fully as it might have been.
Les membres de cette cellule ont effectue une serie de vols au nom de ce qu'on appelle "l'istihlal" (legitimation du jihad contre la societe, accusee d'apostasie), et etaient en contact avec des radicaux operant dans le nord du Mali pour le compte d'un reseau specialise dans l'endoctrinement et l'envoi de benevoles pour combattre dans la region du Sahel, lequel reseau avait ete demantele en novembre 2012", precise le communique.
Die sakrale Legitimation Sesostris' I: Kontaktphanomene in konigsideologischen Texten.