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, leitmotiv
1. Music a recurring short melodic phrase or theme used, esp in Wagnerian music dramas, to suggest a character, thing, etc.
2. an often repeated word, phrase, image, or theme in a literary work
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a musical figure—a motif, a phrase, an entire theme (rarely), or a progression of harmony—that is stated repeatedly as a representational device in a composition. A leitmotif is usually intended to characterize or illustrate a particular personage, subject, situation, idea, phenomenon, or emotion.

Nineteenth-century composers used the leitmotif principle on a wide scale in opera, ballet, and instrumental program music. In his late operas R. Wagner based the musical and dramatic development on a complex system of leitmotifs. The Russian classical composers Mussorgsky, Rimsky-Korsakov, and Tchaikovsky used the leitmotif in an artistically convincing way but combined it with other musical principles; thus the leitmotif was not as central to their music as it is to Wagner’s.

The leitmotif has retained its importance in 20th-century music—for example, in Prokofiev’s operas and ballets. Motion-picture scores rely heavily on the principle.

Literary analysis frequently turns to the concept of the leitmotif—a representational figure that is repeated in a work as a constant attribute of a character, mood, or situation. Appearing repeatedly, often with modification, the leitmotif grows in associations and acquires an ideological, psychological, or symbolic depth. For example, the noise of a watchman’s rattle in Chekhov’s novella The Bride is transformed into a symbol for the monotony and dullness of philistine life; simultaneously it underscores the changes in the heroine’s attitudes. In poetry, there are also leitmotifs of sound, rhythm, and intonation.

The term “leitmotif” has also come to have a broader common meaning, which defines, for example, the dominant theme in a person’s activity or in a chain of events.


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And the thematic thread of the exhibition was built around "the mirror," the virtual leitmotif of identity politics.
A recurring leitmotif of much recent art is a vision of childhood as paradise lost, in which toys, stuffed animals, and even children themselves seem to have run amok.
Feminine themes appear, but the female body does not function as a leitmotif. In each individual work, Bachli is concerned with precision and with using the most appropriate medium; sometimes a found photograph can even take the place of a drawing.
The compositional pyramid is the leitmotif of virtually all the work of the last three years, even that still based on nondigital processing; it assumes emblematic form in the reclining male nude at the center of Vampires' Picnic, 1991, in which Hellenistic warrior and Hogarth's rake in Bedlam are elided under the auspices of George Romero's genre-bending combinations of comedy and cannibalistic shock on film (shades again of the repressed in Gericault's castaways).
HINDUTVA is an ultra-extremist ideology whose radical leitmotif is to wipe out the Muslims in particular and non-Hindus of India in general.
After his accession to the supreme office, Caid Essebsi continued his commitment to carry out the democratic transition and make the national consensus the leitmotif of this choice, he recalled.
One leitmotif is imagination: a realm of possibilities, an antidote to rigidity, and an expression of Christ.
On the other side the snowman as a leitmotif for friendliness and sympathy.Obviously, this world day must be timed to the winter.
Apart from the leitmotif of Kuciak and Kuscaronniacuterovaacute, this issue will be also reflected upon in the Fates of Freedom by director Jakub Scaronuvada, the film (Russian State vs.
The philosophical leitmotif that runs through the last part of the book is that HeideggerAEs ecology is eminently phenomenological and political, while his politics are inherently eco-phenomenological, and his phenomenology is ogeneticallyo politico-ecological.
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