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see motivemotive
or motif
, in music, a short phrase or passage of two or more notes and repeated or elaborated throughout the composition. The term is usually used synonymously with figure.
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, leitmotiv
1. Music a recurring short melodic phrase or theme used, esp in Wagnerian music dramas, to suggest a character, thing, etc.
2. an often repeated word, phrase, image, or theme in a literary work
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Leitmotiv is a label grounded in Sasso's love of Italian classicism and fine art, but paired with the slick, modern fabrics that are interesting for Carro to tailor.
In the only race for thoroughbreds, Detonator, trained by Mussabah Al Muhairi, was given a superb ride by Wayne Smith to win the 11-furlong conditions race from stablemate Leitmotiv.
The Thoroughbred race is a 2200m handicap and the Mosabah Al Muhairi team are well represented with top-weight Detonator and Leitmotiv appearing their strongest hopes.
Gypsy pendant lamp chandelier by Leitmotiv Features pounds 69.
This beautiful Leitmotiv Vino Glass Chandelier could be just what you''re after, and it's sure to be a talking point at dinner parties.
More to the point, the empty spaces often found in cubist paintings or even the end game works of 1950s gesturalists is the show's constant leitmotiv.
The other leitmotiv is that of "unanticipated consequences," a concept the author owes to Weber.
The breast as a void--which may sound like an oxymoron is the leitmotiv of Simon Richter's argument that the breast can function as a prime signifier challenging the phallocentric logos of the patriarchal order and generating a new rhetorical and cultural matrix for definitions of gender.
Up to the present day, the company with its "precision in the border area" leitmotiv has produced more than 6,300 different fineblanked parts--for industries working to precise standards around the globe.
Ya sea un pez que estrella su nariz contra su prision de vidrio, babosas, o Jesucristo sangrante (imagenes que no tienen que relacionarse entre si necesariamente), Bustos nos transmite acertadamente, entre otras cosas, una precariedad, una sentimiento que se retrata con un verso elocuente, "Pero solo logramos rozarle la nariz a la poesia", quizas un melancolico leitmotiv, que unido a la feliz habilidad de Bustos de articular este sentimiento (que existe a raudales en nuestra sociedad) con gracia y sagacidad, da como resultado un conjunto de retazos, consistentes y profundos.
En esta entrega reflexionaremos sobre la musica de programa, basada en la motivacion extramusical y sobre el leitmotiv.
Desaparecer equivaldria a recobrar los terminos del leitmotiv de Doctor Pasavento: "La soledad, la locura, el silencio, la libertad.