lemon mint

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Grows up to 3ft (1m) with purple, pink or white flowers. Leaves emit scent of lemon when crushed with hint of oregano. Adds flavor to food, deserts, cheesecake, can be added to salads and used as tea, which is used for colds, coughs and respiratory problems. Essential oil used externally as repellant for insects, fleas and lice.
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Product of the Year is celebrating products that were new to market in the last 18 months and Rose Milk, Lemon Mint and Mango Passion Morning Drink were winning brands chosen by consumers in a stringent face to face consumer survey conducted by TNS.
Made from the finest natural ingredients, Ricola sweets are renowned for their soothing, refreshing properties and fabulously mouth-watering flavours, which include Lemon Mint, Elderflower and the Original Swiss Herb variety.
Flavors include Lemon Mint, Tangerine, Pomegranate and Ginger, with diet versions available in Lemon Mint, Tangerine and Ginger.
Bottom, Claude Dozorme pizza service, $55, Mary's on Main; lemon mint sherbet placemat, $16.
Among the flowers that germinate best in cold, moist soil are annual coreopsis (Coreopsis tinctoria), California desert bluebells (Phacelia campanularia), lemon mint (Monarda citriodora), mountain phlox (Linantbus grandiflorus), Tahoka daisy (Aster tanacetifolius), and Texas bluebonnet (Lupinus texensis).
Try Milk Body Wash ($8 and so mild it can be used on babies), Lemon Mint Shampoo ($7) or Oat Face Scrub with Papaya ($19).
Lemon Mint is good with stewed fruit, Ginger Mint is terrific with tomatoes and Moroccan Mint is the perfect ingredient for a cucumber and yoghurt popadom dip.