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lemon verbena

lemon verbena

Very small cream colored flowers have lemony citrus scent.- great for teas and desserts. Leaves and flowers can be used for tea, and used to flavor custards and flans. Used for nausea, digestive upset, gas.
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Lemon Verbena


(Lippia citriodora), or South American lippia, a semishrub of the family Verbenaceae that produces volatile oil. Native to South America.

The plant’s stalk reaches 2 m and is straight and bare, with whorls of pointed, lancelike solid-edged leaves. Its flowers are small, with a white corolla that has a purple interior. The fruit is a dry dicotyledonous stone, covered by a calyx. The leaves and flowers contain a volatile oil (containing more than 30 percent citral) that has a pleasant smell and is used in the perfume and food industries. In the USSR lemon verbena can be cultivated in Tadzhikistan and Azerbaijan. Under cultivation lemon verbena multiplies basically by grafts. In the fall grassy shoots 5-8 cm long are planted in hothouses and are replanted into a nursery in the spring. (They are mulched for warmth in the winter.) In the spring the shoots are replanted in the ground, 100 cm apart, with 150 cm between rows. Care for the plantings consists of weeding, harrowing, periodic irrigation, and feeding with nitric and phosphorous fertilizer. In the fall the cuttings are mulched. In spring of the following year they are uncovered, and winter-damaged shoots are pruned. Thereafter the stalks are cut every fall to a height of 30 cm and are mulched. The crop can be harvested in the third year after planting. The first cutting of greens is during blooming (in August), and the second is in October.


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PLX is a proprietary extract from the leaves of the lemon verbena plant.
GRILLED FOIE GRAS FLAN, RHUBARB SHRUB VINEGAR, SZECHUAN PEPPERCORN Serves 12 For the rhubarb shrub vinegar: 168 grams rhubarb, cut into small pieces 112 grams sugar 80 grams apple cider vinegar Pinch xanthan gum For the lemon verbena oil: 100 grams lemon verbena, blanched 20 grams parsley, blanched 300 grams grape seed oil For the foie gras flan: 1 kilogram duck liver, lobe deveined and soaked overnight in milk 18 grams salt 2 grams pink salt 4 grams white pepper 56 grams Armagnac 450 grams whole milk 1 egg 2 egg yolks For the Szechuan pepper caramel: 2 grams Szechuan pepper, finely ground 125 grams sugar 75 grams water FOR THE RHUBARB SHRUB VINEGAR: In a container, mix together the rhubarb, sugar, and vinegar.
The brand's natural fragrances include Milk & Honey, Lavender Rose, Lemon Verbena and five single-note scents in its Petals In Bloom collection of roll-on perfumes, which the company notes "has been extremely popular." The collection's bright, flirty and fun packaging makes the perfumes giftable as well as impulse buys.
Garnish with lemon verbena. For camu camu/lemon verbena syrup: Mix one bottle Monin Cane Sugar syrup, 2 oz.
Bard's reflections on life and love (of all kinds) are witty, wise and as thoroughly refreshing as the scent of thyme, truffles, lavender and lemon verbena that waft by on a Provengal breeze.
Purpose: We aimed to investigate if verbascoside (VB) and other lemon verbena polyphenols could ameliorate obesity-induced metabolic disturbances, as well as their putative mechanism.
Mary visits The Dairy in south London where chef Robin Gill reveals new ways of using fresh herbs, and finishes by preparing a lemon drizzle cake, flavoured with fresh lemon verbena.
The cruelty-free body butters are available in four scent varieties, vanilla, lavender, lemon verbena and pomegranate.
The 6.7% abv Zarabanda was brewed with lemon verbena, pink peppercorn, sumac and dried lime.
The light, fluffy, fast-absorbing butters offer a soft finish in four natural scents: vanilla, lavender, lemon verbena and pomegranate.
Somewhere lemon verbena climbs a wall; somewhere a white
This spring the company added three new scents: Lemon Verbena, Chiffon cake and Mountain Springs.