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An institution for the treatment of lepers.
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a specialized medical facility engaged in the active detection, isolation, and treatment of leprosy; the clinical observation of persons who have come into contact with lepers; the outpatient treatment of discharged patients; and the organization of immunization to prevent the disease. In addition, it is an organizational and methods center for the control of leprosy.

Leprosariums are established in areas in which leprosy is endemic, usually in a rural setting. In the USSR, leprosariums are maintained at state expense; in capitalist countries they are generally organized by the national Red Cross and charitable institutions. In some countries, such as Brazil and India, lepers are not isolated but are treated on an outpatient basis, since available leprosariums are unable to accommodate everyone suffering from the disease.

A leprosarium consists of a hospital, an outpatient section, and an epidemiological section. Patients are assigned to living quarters and subsidiary farms where they can work in agriculture and a variety of crafts. Patients stay in the leprosarium from several months to several years, depending on the type and severity of the disease. The service personnel usually live at the leprosarium, but in areas clearly separated (for example, by a stand of trees) from the patients’ quarters.


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Finally, to preserve the historical memory (what could be done by changing old leprosariums into museums, according to the author), on reparations (for children of inmates, for example), much has to be done.
Additionally, ward inpatients and voluntary leprosarium residents were approached and invited to participate in the study.
Hepatitis-B virus infection in patients with leprosy: a serological study in a leprosarium in Northern Nigeria.
as well as European territories and colonies seemed to have contributed to the spawning of a new leprosarium movement" (White, p.
The government has said it will appeal the Taiwan case, adding it will consider a comprehensive relief package for former leprosy sufferers segregated in leprosariums during the days of Japan's colonial rule.
Missions and reserves in Queensland could be viewed as features of a wider network of institutionalisation of indigenous peoples which included other total institutions such as prison, reformatory homes for children, leprosariums and work camps.
The lawyers plan to conduct telephone interviews in Osaka, Kobe and Okayama to gather information on overseas leprosariums before World War II.
For example, in the midtwelfth century, France had about 2,000 leprosariums and England and Scotland had about 220 to serve approximately 1.5 million people with leprosy.
Before the middle of the 20th century, the societies had founded hospitals, dispensaries and leprosariums all over the world.
Later that same day, he was admitted at Tala, one of the only eight leprosariums in the country.
This study focused on depression among ageing leprosy residents within a limited time period; however, the historical living conditions of Japanese leprosariums must also be considered.
Some 4,400 former leprosy patients are still living in 13 state-run leprosariums across the country.