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(lep -tonz) A class of pointlike elementary particles that do not participate in strong interactions (see fundamental forces); it includes the electron, muon, the massive tau lepton, the neutrinos, and their associated antiparticles. Leptons show no evidence of any internal structure. See also Big Bang theory.



a class of elementary particles that do not have strong interaction—that is, they participate only in electromagnetic, weak, and gravitational interactions. The electron, muon, and electron and muon neutrinos and their corresponding antiparticles are classified as leptons. All leptons have a spin of ½ (that is, they are fermions). The name “lepton” (from Greek leptos, “small,” “light”) is associated with the fact that their mass is less than that of any other particle except the photon.

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Figure 1 is a schematic diagram that shows formations of four generations of leptons from annihilations of up and down quarks and antiquarks with one excited quantum state for each of them.
The first generation of leptons is formed by annihilations between the ground state up, ground state antiup, ground state down, and ground state antidown quarks (see the red arrow lines of Figure 1).
The second generation of leptons are formed by annihilations between the ground state down, ground state antidown, excited up, and excited antiup quarks (see the blue arrow lines of Figure 1).
The electron and electron neutrino, the muon and muon neutrino, and the tau and tau neutrino make up the lepton family.
Overall, quark and lepton masses cover an enormous range of values, and most particle physicists see no clear pattern in these numbers that would disclose an underlying structure.
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