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in medical statistics, the ratio of the number of deaths from a disease, injury, or circumstance to the number suffering from the disease, injury, or circumstance, expressed in percent and calculated for a given period of time (usually a year).

The following types of lethality are distinguished: hospital lethality, the ratio of the number of persons who die in a hospital from a given disease to the number hospitalized with the disease; extrahospital lethality, the ratio of the number of persons who die from a disease to the number suffering from the disease and treated outside of a hospital; and total lethality, the ratio of the number of persons who die from a disease to the total number affected with the same disease, in and outside of the hospital.

Lethality is one of the criteria of the efficacy of therapeutic agents, methods of treatment, and medical institutions (promptness of medical care, start of therapy, duration and character of hospitalization, availability of surgical treatment, quality of care).

Lethality should not be confused with mortality, which refers to the rate of death in a population.


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(3) These outcomes may be underreported, but they are consistent with the mathematical model predicting that medications with a higher relative lethality will have higher morbidity and mortality outcomes, regardless of a patient's intent to overdose.
Most notably, mnemonic devices are typically used to help hotline workers and counselors assess suicide risk factors and in turn assess suicide lethality. According to Granello and Granello (2007) some of the most basic mnemonic devices for assessing suicidality include:
Individual vessel lethality = ASCM's strike-mile x vessel's ASCM load
Throughout the 28-year epidemic, the AIDS lethality rate in the studied population was 41.4%.
Under this award, Teledyne will provide test execution, lethality development and validation, analyses, flight and ground test data collection, live fire test and evaluation, and missile integration and flight testing for missile defence weapon systems.
Steel shot is lighter than traditional lead--7.8 grams per cubic centimeter (gr/cc) for steel versus 10.9 to 11.1 gr/cc for lead--and the only way to make steel perform with the lethality necessary to consistently bag ducks and geese was to make it faster.
The team surveyed patients admitted to the university's level 1 trauma center in Jackson within 24 hours of a suicide attempt and found no statistical difference in demographics, medical lethality, suicide intent, or problematic alcohol use between 62 patients with borderline features and 28 without them.
There was no validating statistical for association between the lesion site, recurrence and lethality rate.
The round more than doubles the lethality of the current 40mm grenade against defilade targets.
Ditch the full metal jackets and place expanding bullets in the vitals of even deer-sized game and its lethality will shock you.
In the long run, the US army is planning to depend more on technology to achieve the objective of scaling down its strength without losing its lethality by 2025.