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an abnormal lack of energy, esp as the result of a disease
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a morbid condition similar to sleep and characterized by immobility, absence of reactions to external stimuli, and marked weakening of all external signs of life (mors putativa).

Even the most extreme cases of lethargy can be distinguished from death, thereby precluding the possibility of erroneous burial of the living. Lethargy may be seen in hysteria, general exhaustion, and after intense agitation. An attack is sudden and lasts several hours to many days. Consciousness is usually retained: the patients perceive and remember what is happening around them but they do not react to it. The torpor associated with encephalitis and narcolepsy should be distinguished from lethargy.

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A morbid condition of drowsiness or stupor; mental torpor.
A measure of the energy which has been lost by a neutron, equal to the natural logarithm of the ratio of the initial energy of a neutron to its energy at any given point in the slowing-down process.
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Meanwhile, Superintendent Police (SP) Punjab Highway Patrol (PHO) Faisalabad region Umme Salma Malik dismissed one Jawan of Patrolling Police and issued orders for confiscating services of eight others besides issuing warnings to 11 Jawans on charge of their delinquency, negligence and lethargy, police spokesman added.
Concerns over corruption, manipulation, lethargy and external interferences that alter the course of justice are not acceptable.
"By the time symptoms occur, such as vomiting, lethargy and, in the latter stages, head-shaking and coma, it is normally too late to treat.
The official had cited the delay in the process involving the president's assent to the law allowing the conduct of delimitation on the basis of provisional census results as a classic example of traditional lethargy, saying that they 'cannot afford to waste even a single day now' as sufficient time had already been wasted in getting the election bill passed from the Senate after its passage by the National Assembly and it was not possible to amend the already squeezed timelines for delimitation, revision of electoral rolls and other related activities.
My patient presented very ill following an unexplained and severe episode of vomiting and had severe and prolonged inappetance and lethargy with no specific abnormalities found on an intensive diagnostic work up.
Protestors lamented Punjab government lethargy and misconduct in provision of employment to visually impaired people and complained that they had been deprived of their rights despite holding protests.
The symptoms include confusion, vomiting, an increase in thirst and urinating, depression, lethargy, mouth sores and bad breath.
Have the boundaries been extended without his knowledge or has the world been lulled into a sense of lethargy over what is taking place in Syria?
Jason A There could be a number of things causing your dog's lethargy. For instance, there could be an underlying medical condition, such as diabetes, anaemia, heart disease or an underactive thyroid gland.
But it is an undeniable fact that she dragged a Britain - ravaged by unionism and lethargy - into a new era of empowerment and productivity.
Summary: BANGKOK - Asian stock markets rose on Wednesday as traders snapped up stocks before the end of the year, while the Tokyo benchmark hit a nine-month high after a new, pro-business government prepared to assume leadership in a country plagued for years by economic lethargy.
Dehradun, Jan 24 ( ANI ): Congress leader Girija Vyas on Tuesday slammed the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Government in Uttarakhand for changing five chief ministers in six years, and said that the people of the state are harried with atrocities and lethargy of the latter.