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The visual effect of black bars on the top and bottom of the screen when a movie with a wide aspect ratio is displayed on a TV that is not as wide. The black bars compensate for the reduced vertical height of the movie frames. This was a common experience on earlier TV sets if the movie was not reformatted for TV viewing (see pan & scan). The term "letterbox" was coined because the wide frame resembles the size of a letter envelope. See pillarbox, aspect ratio and anamorphic DVD.

Standard vs. Wide Screen TV
When a wide screen movie played on an earlier TV (left), the image was reduced vertically, producing the letterbox effect. (Image courtesy of Intergraph Computer Systems.)

Still Present on Modern TVs
Many major motion pictures are shot in full panoramic format with aspect ratios that are still much wider than today's 16:9 wide screen TVs. As a result, the letterbox black bars are still common.
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mail box

A multiple arrangement of boxes for receipt and/or distribution of mail at a central point in a building; mainly used in apartment or office buildings.
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A spokeswoman said: "We are aware of the issue of leaflets not being delivered correctly through letter boxes in the local area and would like to apologise to local residents for any distress that this may have caused, plus reassure them that there has been no link made between our leaflets and burglaries that have recently taken place.
Royal Mail give out small plastic devices to push mail through letter boxes, but with postmen visiting up to 500 homes on their rounds many say they haven't got time to use them.
Same for letter boxes. Some are designed for postmen who are very small presumably, only a couple of feet off the ground; some are vertical, but you don't know if the depress is on the right or they swing left.
The mouse, wearing a fireman's uniform, held a fire-hose nozzle as a letter box. In another example, M.
"I could see the package sticking out of the letter box so watched the footage in the hours that followed and was shocked to see a jogger clearly run up, check behind him before taking it out of the letter box and sticking it up his jumper, leaving the other contents of the mail box on the floor.
THIS issue seems to crop every couple of years and this time "bungling" Boris lit the blue touch paper and said what many people secretly think - that women who cover themselves head to toe in swathes of black look like letter boxes and bank robbers.
She told magistrates: "The defendant wouldn't leave his mum's address and when they got there he was shouting into the letter box.
With the post mounting up, it could have slid out of the letter box and anyone could have put their hand in and taken letters out.
This didn't stop the gathered gadgies - indeed the word 'till' must have stimulated a brain cell somewhere, and a shower of notes and coins began to pour through the letter box, along with more frantic pleading and begging.
Further afield birds have nested in letter boxes, traffic lights, cathedral spires - and even a medieval siege machine at Warwick Castle.
Maybe if she did it long enough when the household bills drop through the letter box. I don't buy it, but I think this little experiment stirred up some genuine feelings among people who are relevant in this area.