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Defective skin pigmentation, especially the congenital absence of pigment in patches or bands.
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a disorder of the pigmentation of the skin manifested by a decrease in or complete loss of pigment.

Leukoderma can develop from previous skin lesions (seborrheic eczema, psoriasis, parapsoriasis, lichen ruber, pityriasis versicolor) or from certain medications (Chrysorabin, Psoriasin, pyrogallol), or as a symptom of a systemic disease (for example, secondary syphilis). It is characterized by the appearance on the skin of round depigmented spots of various size surrounded by hyperpigmentation. Syphilitic leukoderma develops three to six months after infection with syphilis and concentrates mainly on the posterolateral surface of the neck (less commonly, on the back, abdomen, and lateral surface of the chest). Leukoderma patients have no subjective sensations associated with the disease. Treatment is directed at the primary condition.


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DIBER scientists focussed on the causes of leucoderma and came up with a comprehensive formulation for the management of the condition by using Himalayan herbs.
Leucoderma in piebaldism is a permanent condition; however, the regression of leucoderma has been described [4].
Guia policial Nao preenchida ou indeterminado 40% Pardo 38% Preto 17% Branco 5% Declaracao de obito Pardo 68% Preto 12% Branco 11% Nao preenchida ou indeterminado 9% Laudos de necropisa do IML-SSA Nao preenchida ou indeterminado 5% Leucoderma 7% Melanoderma ou negra 16% Faioderma ou pardo 72% Note: Table made from bar graph.
Reported for Panama by Zundel (1953) and Dennis (1970) as Cintractia leucoderma (Berk.) Henn.
I have a skin condition called leucoderma or vitiligo, which makes me extremely vulnerable to sun exposure.
The mixture is ingested to treat intestinal worms or applied topically for skin problems such as leucoderma and acne.
It is conceivable that Uzziah, under the religious and emotional strain of the occasion, developed a sudden urticaria (hives), and it is conceivable that he remained afflicted with chronic and recurrent urticaria, although it is also possible that he subsequently developed a different rash: eczema, psoriasis (one variety of psoriasis can have a sudden beginning) or leucoderma, re-diagnosed as leprosy.
Leucoderma: Take Tulsi leaf extract, lemon juice and Kansaudi leaves in equal quantity and store it in copper pot in sunlight for 24 hours.
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" We don't breed humans with leucoderma, do we?" The rigorous inbreeding employed ever since Mohan and Radha -- mating fathers with daughters and granddaughters -- has invited much criticism from tiger conservationists, who say the exercise is an economicsdriven charade to draw more people to zoos at the cost of the animals' health.
The leaves of the plant have been mentioned valuable in leprosy, scabies, leucoderma, cephalalgia, coxalgia and otalgia, wounds, ulcers and colic, antioxidants [9].
22 Leucoderma. Fruits are roasted over a fire followed by massaging the roasted fruit on the affected area(s).