Level Rod

level rod

[′lev·əl ‚räd]
A straight rod or bar, with a flat face graduated in plainly visible linear units with zero at the bottom, used in measuring the vertical distance between a point of the earth's surface and the line of sight of a leveling instrument that has been adjusted to the horizontal position.

Level Rod


a measuring device used in leveling; it is a wooden stick 3–4 m long with a rectangular or I-shaped cross section and a scale inscribed on its face. A distinction is made between checkered and lined rods.

On one or both sides of a checkered rod there are white and black or red and white checkers 1 cm wide; divisions are marked at each decimeter, and the zero lines on the scales on both sides are offset a given distance relative to one another (Figure 1, a; BC is the plumb bob). Lined rods are used for highprecision

Figure 1

leveling. The front side has a channel in which an invar strip with two rows of lines 1 mm thick and 5 mm apart is stretched with a force of approximately 200 newtons (20 kilograms-force). There are divisions marked every half decimeter (Figure 1, b).

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On its way from the levelling instrument to the level rod, the horizontal line of sight is deflected upwards, which is the result of the negative temperature gradient in near-ground air layers.
One other major piece of necessary equipment would be a level rod.
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