leveling course

asphalt leveling course

A course (of an asphalt-aggregate mixture) of variable thickness used to eliminate irregularities in contour of an existing surface, prior to the placement of a superimposed layer.
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alternate #1: in lieu of a concrete topping slab & drainage board on the fourth floor, install sloped leveling course & new 16x16x2.
Tenders are invited for The base bid includes 1,206 SY of Bituminous Milling, 40 SY of Roadway Base Repair, 535 SY of Asphalt Patching (SRL-M), 459 Tons of 2~ Binder Leveling Course, 189 Tons of 1~ Wearing Course (SRL-M), 42 Tons of 1~ Wearing Course (SRL-E), bituminous wedge curb and inlet / manhole adjustments.
Milling of bituminous pavement notches; item 2 806 ton superpave scratch and leveling course, 9.